Memorable Christmas Gift for Husband

What will be a memorable Christmas gift ideas for husband?

I didn't no what to get for husband Christmas this year, he has almost everything he wants.
I have tried looking on some gift sites but not really seen anything.
I want too get him something unusual and very special on Xmas eve

How about a list of your favorite memories with him, a photo bracelet or cards and write some things that you love about him

if your husband is a game freak like mine then the ultimate game card would make a perfect gift for him

Some people just don't want to receive extra "stuff" for Christmas, so why do not get him something new? The best gift is personal!!
You can order an oil, pastel or watercolor painting from photo both of you at photoartomation.com
It is a memorable gift and you will both love it.
Send them your favorite photo and they will turn it into art and print on canvas
I did this recently for our anniversary and my husband love this personalized painting

Photo Collage

Up to 100 photos
Mosaic Collages
Collage in the shape of a number and letters

Wedding Portrait Painting and Drawing from Photos

Combine 2-3 photos into one
Remove unwanted objects
Change background
Add Text

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  1. Everything looks great! I must say the end result exceeded my expectations. Hence our surprise, relief and amazement when the package was opened and the lovely canvas was revealed meeting all our demands.